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Nanorobots are nanodevices that will be used for the purpose of maintaining and protecting the human body against pathogens. Nano is one billionth of one. Nanotechnology is the technology in which the operations are performed on nanometrics. It is the application of different technologies primarily interested in the reduction of size.

The credential part of this paper gives the theoretical application of nanodevices in the treatment of AIDS. There is no technology for the treatment of AIDS. Some of the drugs of specific composition are given to the patients depending on the intensity of the disease. The drugs using nowadays are able to increase the lifetime to a few years only. To make the treatment more specific, we use the nanodevices that use nanosensors to sense the AIDS infected WBC’s. In this we are using nanorobots to get back the HIV infected WBC’s. By doing so constant levels of WBC’s are maintained in the blood stream. Thus the AIDS patient is provided with the immune system so that he can defend himself from diseases.

In this paper only a theoretical analysis is given and all the information provided are specifically organized by us .In India more than 50 lakhs of people are infected by this dreaded disease and it constitutes 10% of the total infected. We are doing research on this paper and we hope that this theoretical approach can be made practical in the near future, so that the society get benefited.

Nanorobot designed to perform cell surgery

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Nanorobot designed to perform cell surgery














AIDS by itself is not a killer disease. The cause of AIDS is the HIV virus that is capable of destroying the immune system. Thereby the host system is vulnerable to small diseases which will turn into a fatal one but actually it is not a fatal disease. The HIV virus attack the WBC’s by converting them into the HIV. Thereby all the WBC’s are converted into HIV, so the immune system will fail. This is the reason for the death of the patient. Our idea is to convert the AIDS affected WBC’s back into the original form of the WBC by using a Nanorobot, thereby the patient is made to have a constant amount of immune system. Nanorobot performs the inverse process of the HIV.


The HIV convert the WBC in a faster manner .So the conversion by the A-HIV Nanorobot should also be very much faster than that of the HIV, so that a constant level of WBC’s are maintained in the blood stream. Because of this ,an AIDS patient can defend himself from various diseases .The conversion rate should be at least five times greater than that of the HIV conversion rate.


The basic equation for the conversion of the HIV infected WBC’s back to its original form is given below. The host system is the WBC and is converted by the HIV into an infected WBC. This is the reason for AIDS.


While designing nonorobots in nanoscale dimensions there should be a better understanding of how matter behaves on this small scale. Matter behaves differently on the nanoscale than it does at larger levels. So the behaviour of the nanorobots must be taken care so that the do not affect us both inside and outside the body.

Other challenges apply specifically to the use of nanostructures within biological systems. Nanostructures can be so small that the body may clear them too rapidly for them to be effective in detection or imaging. Larger nanoparticles may accumulate in vital organs, creating a toxicity problem. So we need to consider these factors as they anticipate how nanostructures will behave in the human body and attempt to create devices the body will accept.


The designed anti-HIV nanorobots are injected into the blood stream. These nanorobots continues the process of conversion in the bone marrow, blood and in the thymus glands where the concentration the WBC‘s are more. This process takes pace till the normal death of the patient.


  1. More than million people in this world are affected by this dreaded disease. Currently there is no permanent vaccine or medicine is available to cure the disease. The currently available drugs can increase the patient’s life to a few years only, so the invention of this nanorobot will make the patients to get rid of the disease.
  2. As the nanorobot do not generate any harmful activities there is no side effect. It operates at specific site only.
  3. The initial cost of development is only high but the manufacturing by batch processing   reduces the cost.


  1. The nanorobot should be very accurate, otherwise harmful effects may occur.
  2. The initial design cost is very high.
  3. The design of this nanorobot is a very complicated one


The paper is just a theoretical justification. But the recent advancement in the field of nanotechnology gives the hope of the effective use of this technology in medical field. This paper starts by giving an introduction to nanorobots and its importance as recognized by various other technocrats. This is the beginning of nanoera and we could expect further improvements such as a medicine to AIDS using nanotechnology .



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