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An automatic end grinding is the machine used for the application of metal removing process which is mainly design for the springs (heavy duty of about 300mm dia, suspensions unit).I have chosen this machine for the purpose of grinding the spring surfaces and this type of machine is in use to grind the single face of the spring of the range of 60mm-150mm coil diameter. Here, I have modified the machine for easy operation of high range of diameter of about 300mm and to operate double face grinding. The arrangement of the machine is that the grinding wheels are placed in an axis the machine. The grinding wheels setup is made to connect the motor arrangement using bearings and rack and pinion setup. The work hold device is made to coincide to the axis of the wheels. The device is regulated by the application of gear box and motor. The wear of the abrasive material is sucked using the vacuum pressure which is placed perpendicular to the work holding device. The overall setup is covered by the casing of cast iron. The overall efficiency is same compared to the single face grinding but the work time reduces to half the wheel differences can be adjusted as per user needs. The power transmission can be controlled using bearings. I concluded that the above mentioned advantages result in better advancement in the production of springs.

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  • Highly durable
  • Robust construction
  • Easy operation
  • High productivity
  • Low maintenance cost


  • Ambry rotation by direct motor
  • Dish rotary moment by motor & gears
  • Motor: 0.5 HP (1Nos)
  • Motor: 1.5 HP (2 Nos)
  • Coolant Pump: 0.25 HP (1 Nos)



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