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The main purpose of this project presentation topics is punching the objects for much application, like sealing, name punching, plate designing and etc. Here we are designing a pneumatic spiral punching making machines are necessary for saving the manufacturing time in the process, pneumatic is act as a main role.Pneumatic systems operate on a supply of compressed air which must be made available in sufficient quantity and at a pressure to suit the capacity of the system. When the pneumatic system is being adopted for the first time, however it wills indeed the necessary to deal with the question of compressed air supply.The key part of any facility for supply of compressed air is by means using reciprocating compressor. A compressor is a machine that takes in air, gas at a certain pressure and delivered the air at a high pressure.


  • Pneumatic Cylinder.
  • Compressor.
  • Solenoid control valve
  • Die(male, female)clamp

 The main objective of our project presentation topics is to designing and developing a very compact, punch making machine. Initially the switch unit operates the compressor which delivers the air to the solenoid valve at certain pressure. The solenoid controls the flow direction of air to the pneumatic cylinder. Thus the reciprocating motion of the pneumatic cylinder creates high force to punch the work piece. This part consists of two parts one is fixed called upper die, at the base and other is fixed called lower die at the end of piston rod. This part is moved up and down to provide the force on the object.

Here in this project presentation topics we used for carrying the objects from one side to another side the object when it comes, if it detects the object means it will out puts a low pulse to the controller. Pneumatic is act as punching equipment. We can connect seal or cup cast with the pneumatic for cup production. Different seals and casts are used for punching the different shapes. When control unit detects the low pulse from then that will ON the pneumatic for Punch. After a second the controller will OFF the pneumatic. After getting the punch from the pneumatic spiral punch making.

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  • Ø It reduces the manual work
  • Ø It reduces the production time
  • Ø Uniform application of the load gives perfect removing of the bearing.
  • Ø Damages to the bearing due to the hammering is prevented
  • Ø It occupies less floor space
  • Ø Less skilled operator is sufficient


  • Ø Initial cost is high
  • Ø Cylinder stroke length is constant
  • Ø Need a separate compressor


  • Ø Pressing Operation in all industries
  • Ø Paper punching industries
  • Ø Leather washer operation in all industries
  • Ø Punching operation also done



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