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In this Mechanical project presentation topics, the robotics paper we have explained the design, fabrication and working of our shop automation robot, which is an extremely new idea for automation of shop floor. This robot will be highly helpful in saving man’s time which is wasted for purchasing for his needs and also arranging things in a shop. This automated purchase vehicle will purchase a list of things specified by the customer through a computer and delivers it in few minutes. Time which is saved can be used for various other useful works such as gym, yoga or in beauty parlors.


We felt that men are wasting lot of time for purchasing their daily needs in bazaars and also the shop keepers spend more time in arranging things in their specified places . So we are introducing an idea of using a robot which will purchase everything that a customer specifies and arranges things in its place when no work is alloted. This time which is saved by these automatic purchase robots may be usefully spend by the customers in the gym or in beauty parlors and other useful work. Our robot is made of a chassis which is similar to the trolley and this chassis is motorized for locomotion. Our robot is basically a line follower, and the path and the position of items is specified in the lines.

For the purpose of picking and placing the required materials there are two pick and place robotic arms. These loads the robot with the things required rapidly as soon as the robot stops at the specified position.

Arranging of items

            During nights and when the robot is free it can be switched to arranging mode. Turning to this mode and placing the items in to it will make the robot to go to the specified location where these items have to be arranged and it will arrange it in proper way and in rapid way.


  • Chassis             – Stainless steel- 120*75*120 mm
  • Motor                 – Wiper motor – 12v, 100 rpm, 80 kg cm torque.
  • Air compressor – 0.22 kW – 33 lpm – 2880 rpm.
  • Robotic arm – Two pick and place arm (one hand type and other suction cup type)
  • Batteries          – 12v, 32 Ah, lead acid batteries.
  • Wheels            – High weight carrying alloy wheels.


Our robot is actually a line follower which follows a line of ¾”. This line will take the robot through the racks where the items are arranged. There will be cross lines on the follower  line where the robot has to stop and the robotic arm will pick the material and place in the chassis. The robot will stop at places which the programmer specifies and skips the position where it is not specified.

industrial robotics

Automation of Shops Using Robots

Robotic arm’s load capacity

Arm 1:

These robotic arms are made of hard stainless steel and high torque servo motors. These arms are capable of lifting large loads of around 20 kgs. These arms are highly precession in nature, which picks and places the objects accurately.

Arm 2:

This arm consists of a suction cup, which is connected to the compressor. This cup when placed on a particular thing, it creates vacuum and holds the object tightly. This object is then moved to the chassis and the vacuum is released. This arm can also move a load of 15 kgs to chassis.                       paper presentation on robotics

It is almost unimaginable that a screw air compressor with rotors of diameter 28 mm and 35mm can give an output of compressed air ranging from 1 to 300 lpm. Besides the range of compressed air output, the Compressor’s other desirable characteristics include high efficiency, low noise, and high reliability.

Ideally this compressor is designed to give 33 lpm of compressed air at a rotor speed of 2880 rpm, with a power consumption rate of just 0.22 kW. The Compressor can also be applied for heavy-duty applications with rotor speeds of up 20,000 rpm, producing proportionally larger volumes of compressed air. The ELGI Micro Rotary Compressor has a minimum life of about 100,000 hours, which is fifteen times greater than a reciprocating compressor of the same power range.

These two arms are highly précised, and perform the purchase as quick as possible and even it can be used for arranging the materials in to the shelves.


  1. Automation of departmental shops, hard ware stores,etc.
  2. Reduction in man power.
  3. Reduced time consumption.
  4. Indication when a specified item goes beyond minimum quantity.


  1. Can be used only in big supermarkets where things are arranged in proper order and covered.
  2. High initial cost.




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