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This Seminar paper deals with the basics of iris, its properties and how it adds some advantageous features to recognize the correct person. In this paper we discuss the details regarding the information about how the scanner scans the whole pattern of the iris while enrolling and matching and how the scanned patterns are converted into 256 bytes of data, so that it can be stored in the database. We compare the iris codes of the current person who want access the database and give the matched results to the user accordingly.

As the iris recognition technology produces very low false rate when compared to the other biometrics results, it is very preferable in many systems such as airports, banks, defence, etc., where the security plays one of the major role. But there may be chance of loss in the data-level security because of the possibility of hacking the data from the database.

The implementation of en-decry-matching algorithm gives the security to the data so that no one can hack the data. As we have used hand geometry for verifying the identified person, it adds the security to the whole system. Comparison of iris recognition with other existing biometric technologies is also made. Finally this paper contains the applications of the combined features of the recognition of iris.

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Keywords:  Iris, Scanner, en-decry matching algorithm, database, data-hacking.

Biometrics – An Introduction

Biometrics refers to the automated methods of recognizing a person based on a physiological or behavioral characteristic. Physical biometrics includes fingerprints, hand or palm geometry, and retina, iris, or facial characteristics. Behavioral characteristics are traits that are learned or acquired which includes signatures, voice of a particular person. Keeping these characteristics as constraints, many biometric technologies have been developed and are used to verify or identify users to allow access to a variety of environments. From ATMs to logging into a network or your personal Computer, biometrics is being used throughout the world.


The determination, measuring, and codification of the unique characteristic traits that each of us is born with is known as the science of biometrics. Various forms of computer-based biometrics for personal authentication have been around for the past twenty years, but not until recently have some reached maturity and a quality/reliability that has enabled their widespread application. Retinal, iris and fingerprint recognition are mature technologies with the most reliable performance. Of the three methods, iris recognition is the least intrusive with greater accuracy.


Iris recognition is one of the biometric systems, which utilize iris patterns as a method of gathering unique information about an individual. It is considered to be one of the most reliable biometrics with some of the lowest false rejection and false acceptance rates and so it is less intrusive.


Iris is the colored portion of the eye that lies behind cornea and is protected by eye lid. It is approximately 11mm (.433 inches) in diameter and consists of several layers and distinct features such as furrows, ridges, coronas, crypts, rings which controls the amount of light that enters into the eye. Various shades of iris are brown, blue and green, but these colors are not used in identification technology. No two irises are alike even for identical twins.


In ordinary database system, there is a chance of hacking the database from the stored system by some hackers. So in order to prevent this hacking, we have given some added security to the database by encrypting the stored bits in to a new bit feature. Hence the data level security is increased further. Now we are working to develop an algorithm for it. This helps the data to be hided from others.


Biometrics is not limited to the four technologies. There continues to be expansion of the current technology and exploration and innovation into additional biometric security solutions. Nail bed identification and finger geometry is building on existing fingerprint technology. Advancements insecurity technologies have also made such identifiers as ear shape, odor, veinscan, and gait recognition possible means of authentication. Although it has been at the forefront in personal identification, DNA matching has continued to improve and become more readily accepted.


  • Password, tokens cards and PIN are all risks to the security of originations due to human nature. Our inability to remember complex passwords and tendency to write these down along with losing token cards or forgetting PIN all contribute to the possible breakdown in security for an organization.
  • The uniqueness of the iris and low probability of a false acceptance or false rejection all contribute to the benefits of using iris recognition technology.
  • It provides an accurate and secure method of authenticating users onto company systems, is a non-intrusive method and has the speed required to minimize user frustration when accessing company systems.
  • Users no longer have to worry about remembering passwords and system administrators no longer need to worry about the never-ending problem of users disclosing passwords or having weak passwords that are easily cracked.
  • As according to our implementation there is also a data-level security so that than the designer no one can use it illegally.



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