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Electronics Seminar Topics -ABSTRACT

Most of the systems are getting automated these days, why not our present billing system? This made us to think about the concept of Wireless accessor as our Electronics seminar Topics. Now a days reading from electric meters are taken from electricity board (Accessors). This could be automated by the advancement in wireless Technologies. The present billing system leads to wastage of man power and cause in wireless Technologies. The present billing system leads to wastage of man power and cause inconvenience to the society. The money spent on these accessors can be avoided. In our electronics seminar topics Our system will provide solution to all of these problems. Wireless Accessor can be regarded as the reading of a meter by a means that does not require physical access or visual inspection of the meter. The electric meter readings are converted into signal suitable for transmission with the help of suitable sensors and they are transmitted to EB station. The reading from the meter will be transmitted through powerful transmitters, receivers and repeaters.In our electronics seminar topics Our system also includes special features to indicate the power cut and to avoid power theft. This wireless accessor when implemented is sure to develop a modern society.


The present world is moving towards a new era of automation. Most of the systems existing today are automatize with the help of new technologies for the purpose of safety and security. These modern systems have many advantages and they solve lot of existing problems. We have taken one such problem and have tried to solve them with the help of new technologies. Accessor is a person who goes to each and every home to take the EB (electricity board) reading. We have imagined a world with wireless accessor


Even systems of less importance are getting modernized these days. But our government still follows old method to note the EB meter readings. Main disadvantage is the money spent on these human accessors. There are 227 districts and each of them has more number of accessors depending on the size of the city. Imagine the amount spend for them as their salary. Hence we can replace these human accessors by wireless networks using sensors.

Moreover the accessor has to go to each and every house and seek permission to take the meter readings. This cause wastage of time for the accessor and unwanted disturbances for the people. There are also some people who cheat the government. They stop meter from running and the use electricity, so that their EB bill can be reduced. For all these problems the solution is going to be wireless accessor. This could be brought into reality by our WIRELESS ACCESSOR.


As per our electronics Seminar Topics We can give a code for each and every house. EB meters will have a disc which rotates continuously. It will have a red dot which will indicate the completion of one unit. We have decided to attach a spike or metal to that red dot. This metal will cut the IR sensors. Each time it cuts the IR sensors, a counter will be incremented. This counter is then will be attached to a transceiver. A six or seven bit code will be given to every house.

Seminar Topics
Electronics Seminar Topics -Simple Block diagram


The codeword has to be transmitted from EB station. It will be received by all the receivers in all houses. Each comparator circuit in each house will be given a codeword. It will compare its codeword with the codeword transmitted from EB station. A counter is attached to the EB meter. If both the codes are equal, it will transmit the counter value to the EB station and reset the counter, else it will remain passive. Since the codes are unique, only one house is going to transmit its EB reading. When the station had received the EB reading, it can start to transmit the next codeword to get its next reading.

Finally we are going to get EB readings by using the IR sensors and wireless networks. Thus we can avoid the use of human accessors and can shift to this new concept of wireless accessor. Power supply status will also be transmitted from EB station to all the houses if there is a power cut, Power of EB station and power supply in the houses are given to Ex-or gate. If output is one then it means that power is coming from station, but it has not reached the house. So there should be some problem on the way.

Power theft is another important criterion that has been considered in our project. We have used a magnetic proximity sensor to prevent the act of placing of magnets and to make the meter run slowly. The EB department can then send some people to find and rectify the mistake. This is another use of this system by which problem of power failure can be solved. We can also bring a method by which EB bills could be paid through internet, so that every thing can be done by sitting in your chair.

Electronics Seminar Topics
Electronics Seminar Topics -Working

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