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Sustainable development will require replacement of older technologies and increased use of both renewable energy and wireless technology. What if there was a way we could harvest the energy that is being transmitted and use it as a source of power for handhelds? And also that to from Non-conventional energy source like solar power. This paper deals with a system that enables you to charge your handhelds wirelessly form zero pollutant solar energy.

A system that to be presented will be using a receiving antenna and charge pump technology to charge a handhelds battery without wires. The base station which is a transmitter of power is powered from solar energy. The solar energy which is trapped is transmitted as radio frequency from the base station. At the receiving end we contain antenna that is tuned to transmitted frequency and a charge pump to charge up the battery of Handhelds.


Global warming from greenhouse gases, mainly CO2, is one of today’s most important environmental issues. Electricity production is often a source of CO2 emissions, for instance when fossil fuel is combusted in power plants. So Non-conventional energy source like solar power solves this problem. At present use of hand held also increased and power consumed by these devices also increased rapidly. However, as technology has advanced and made our phones smaller and easier to use, we still have one of the original problems: we must plug the phone into the wall in order to recharge the battery. Most people accept this as something that will never change, so they might as well accept it and carry around either extra batteries with them or a charger. Either way, it’s just something extra to weigh a person down. There has been research done in the area of shrinking the charger in order to make it easier to carry with the phone. One study in particular went on to find the lower limit of charger size. But as small as the charger becomes, it still needs to be plugged in to a wall outlet. How can something are called “wireless” when the object in question is required to be plugged in, even though periodically?

What if there was a way we could use solar energy to charge the mobile but the next question is where to place the solar panels. Practically it is impossible to have solar panels in each handheld because handheld are usually very less exposed to sun light. Another alternative is to trap the solar power at some possible place and transmit power wirelessly to the handheld to charge up the handheld devices. The potential exists for cellular phones, and even more complicated devices – i.e. pocket organizers, person digital assistants (PDAs), and even notebook computers to become completely wireless and not using wire even for charging purpose.


The system to be presented here is presented with two modules. In the first module we see about solar powered base station which transmit power wirelessly and in the second module we see energy harvesting and charge pump circuitry. In solar power powered base station is where you trap the solar energy and you transmit the solar power. It consists of solar array, Battery backup system, Power regulator, Base station equipments and a Transmitting antenna.

At the receiving end we have energy harvesting and charge pump circuitry where the transmitted power is harvested and using the charge pump the voltage level is raised and is used to charge the hand held.


Solar powered base station is where the solar energy is trapped and transmitted. The main components of it are solar arrays, Power regulation system, Battery backup System base station equipments with Antenna.

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