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Electronics Projects

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Electronics Projects Abstract

This electronics projects is used in Industries for Administration and security Purposes. The Administration Support is done by means of monitoring the attendance of the workers.  One of such will be given a IRC Card (Infrared Code Reader Card) Which should be inserted in the Reader.  The code is then searched in the database to make an entry.  If the code is not found or if the card is invalid then the system gives an alarm signal to identify the invalid person.

The entries Made is used in the calculation of Salary for the particular Worker by giving the report, that how many days he has worked and how many days he has taken leave etc.

This project also ensures the complete Security for the industry.  This is achieved with the use of advanced Sensors.  The o/p of the sensors is conditioned and fed into the centralized computer by means of a PIC Micro controller using RS232 Interface. The alert system included in this project are:-

Intruder Detection and Auto dialer:

With the help of the photo Sensor we can easily identify whether any person has gone into the restricted area and with the help of the Web camera we can able to tap the particular video on to the computer.

In the night times after sensing the sensor outputs we can dial a telephone number. Eg. To indicate a robbery in a Telephone department. Type your question here and then click Search.

Door Tampering:

Reed switch is used to identify the door tampering with non contact principle. A magnet with a reed switch is placed on the door such that when the contact breaks immediately that is indicated as door tampering in the computer.

Metal Detection:

The Inductive proximity pick up is used to find out any metal with human body.  If somebody takes hazardous weapons or annunciation’s to an industry, it can be found out using this sensor.

Attendance Recorder with Face Indicator:

This also serves as a part of the project.  The Attendance will be given to an employee by reading a IRC and searches for entry in the database. If found that is indicated with the face in the computer else an alarm to indicate invalid entry.

Security Alert System:

This is used to detect whether the securities in the industries are alert or not in their duty.  A lamp will glow for a equal time period. On seeing this security should press the button to indicate his presence. Other wise his absence will be recorded into the database.

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Download Electronics Projects – Artificial Intelligence for Telephone Exchange Using SCADA


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