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Projects Abstract

At the present time anesthetics, drugs which induce loss of awareness, are often used for surgical operations. A general anesthetic should cause a progressive depression of the central nervous system and cause the patient to lose consciousness. In contrast, a local anesthetic will affect sensation at the region to which it is applied.

To maintain an adequate depth of anesthesia without compromising patient’s health, an anesthesiologist usually works as a multitask feedback controller to roughly regulate the drugs titration while observing a variety of patient outcomes. Automatic anesthesia controller design aims to automatically regulate anesthesia levels by taking account on several physiological measurements and then frees up anesthesiologists for more important tasks in operation.

This electronics projects designed using the PIC Micro controller aids in the control of feeding Anesthesia for patients during Surgery times.   This electronics projects Consists of a Heart Beat sensor  to detect the Heart beat rate and a Mechanical Arrangement with syringe for feeding anesthesia to the patients.


First the Syringe is filled with anesthesia liquid and kept in the mechanical arrangement.  And the Heart beat rate is calculated.  Then the Liquid is slowly injected into patients body and the changes in the Heartbeat rate  is observed.  Then according to the Heart beat rate the Liquid is injected into the body. The injecting process is controlled by the movement of the Stepper Motor. The Complete Status is Indicated in LCD with online Updates.

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Block diagram

Hardware Requirements

  1. PIC micro controller PIC16F877
  2. Heart beat Sensor
  3. Power supply circuits
  4. Stepper Motor Driver Circuits
  5. Stepper Motor
  6. Mechanical model constructed with syringe

Software Requirements

  1. Hitech C compiler
  2. MPLAB IDE V6.0


  1. Clinical applications
  2. Operation Theaters


  1. PIC Micro controller based operation
  2. Syringe can be pre adjusted to fill the anesthetic fluid
  3. Stepper motor is used for taking accurate ml of the fluid
  4. better than human control
  5. Controlling Analgesia Level through Heart beat rate Analysis

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Download Electronics Projects – Automatic Anesthesia Controller using Heart Beat Sensor


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