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RF ID Based Automatic Tollgate Opening and Closing With vehicle details Logging

Projects Abstract

A toll road (or tollway, turnpike, pike, toll highway or an express toll route) is a privately or publicly built road for which a driver pays a toll (a fee) for use. Structures for which tolls are charged include toll bridges and toll tunnels

In an all-electronic system, no cash toll collection takes place, tolls are usually collected with the use of a transponder mounted on the windshield of each vehicle, which is linked to a customer account which is debited for each use of the toll road.


We can automate the toll bridge gate using the Radio Frequency Identification tag. An RFID tag is fixed with a vehicle. When a card comes in to the vicinity of the reader a charge of some amount will be detected from the particular person’s database and the toll bridge gate is automatically opened for the user to move. The Mechanical Model is constructed using a stepper motor.  The movement of the stepper motor is responsible for opening and closing action. The Vehicle Details is stored into the computer memory with date and time for future reference.

Hardware Requirements

  1. PIC Embedded Microcontroller
  2. RFID Card with RFID tag
  3. Mechanical Model depicting Toll gate
  4. Stepper Motor for Opening and Closing Action
  5. LCD  Display
  6. Rs232 Interface

Software Requirements

  1. Hitech C

electronics projects presentation topics

RFID Card Reader

RFID Card Reader used to read the card number from the vehicle.

Power Supply

Generates +12V and +5vDC Power supply from 230VAC.

Mechanical Model

A mechanical model is constructed using a  stepper motor for gate opening and closing action.

Stepper motor Driver

Used to drive the motor in forward and reverse direction as per the command given by the controller.

LCD Display

Used to display the actions in the screen. (Gate opened, Closed etc.)

Alarm and Alarm Driver

The voltage from the controller is not enough to drive the alarm. So an external transistor driver is necessary to drive the 12v alarm.

RS232 interface

This interface is used to communicate to the computer. The vehicle details and the time is logged into the computer using this interface.

Applications of RFID

  • Automotive – Auto-makers have added security and convenience into an automobile by using RFID technology for anti-theft immobilizers and passive-entry systems.
  • Animal Tracking – Ranchers and livestock producers use RFID technology to meet export regulations and optimize livestock value. Wild animals are tracked in ecological studies, and many pets who are tagged are returned to their owners.
  • Asset Tracking – Hospitals and pharmacies meet tough product accountability legislation with RFID; libraries limit theft and keep books in circulation more efficiently; and sports and entertainment entrepreneurs find that “smart tickets” are their ticket to a better bottom line and happier customers.
  • Contactless Payments – Blue-chip companies such as American Express, ExxonMobil, and MasterCard use innovative form factors enabled by TI RFID technology to strengthen brand loyalty and boost revenue per customer.
  • Supply Chain – WalMart, Target, BestBuy, and other retailers have discovered that RFID technology can keep inventories at the optimal level, reduce out-of-stock losses, limit shoplifting, and speed customers through check-out lines.


RFID payments are a growing industry in many ways reforming the way we make transactions. Radio communication provides efficiency, unmet by any legacy payment system, such as cash and credit cards. This scheme enables a fast and convenient way of collecting car toll requiring no interaction between the toll and the car owner, speed of the traffic also increases. Meanwhile, an anonymous payment solution is provided Implementation of this system can reduce the crime to a large extent as the toll station will have the exact record as to which vehicle has crossed the toll station and also can avoid the fraudulent use of the card.

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