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Electronics Projects

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Electronics Projects Abstract

The purpose of our project is to design a robot that can be controlled using a remote PC interface which can also transmit video back to the PC or TV using wireless communication. A camera was mounted on the robot and two stepper motors were used to move it vertically or horizontally. Two stepper motors control the movement of our robot. The overall system is controlled by PIC micro controllers. Two RF links were used for the wireless communication part of the project. One to command the robot and the next to transmit video signals. This project is divided into modules for better understanding of the circuit. The modules include :

  • Optocoupler With Stepper Driver Board
  • Stepper Power Supply Board.
  • Wireless Video Camera
  • Software Driver in C Language.
  • PC with TV Tuner Card (Optional).
  • Sensors for Artificial Intelligence

OptoCoupler With Stepper Driver Board

The need of Optocoupler is to isolate the Interface Board form the Stepper Motor to restrict any high voltage to the Interface board.  And this board also contains stepper Driver circuit to amplify the Voltage and to withstand high current because the pulse coming out from the Interface is not tough enough to drive the Motor.

Stepper Power Supply

This board contains the power Supply for the stepper motor and relay driver.

Sensors for Artificial Intelligence

The Art of putting some human brain into a Machine is Artificial Intelligence.  Sensors are provided to achieve this task.  For Eg. The robot and position itself when it finds some obstacle in its path.

Software Driver in C Language

This is a software tool used to control the angular position i.e., to send specified pulses with controlled timing to vary the speed as when and where required.

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