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To Prevent Accidents of Trains using an intelligent device with GPS and GSM.


It is necessary to have an intelligent system which identifies the accident before it happens and informs a driver to be alert or to regulate the speed of the vehicle through and SMS Message to the Driver and as well as to the train station.


This can be implemented by connecting GPS and GSM devices to the train.  The GPS locator will give the location of the current train.  This location is sent to the train station to a common location.  The train station will receive the information from  various trains and it checks whether any train is about to collide from their GPS positions.  If so, then it will send a message to the train to inform about the situation and necessary action is taken from the driver.

For this electronics projects demonstration we are using only one unit.  The other unit information is fed to the computer manually. (for real time systems separate units from various places will send data to the central system).

electronics projects presentation topics

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electronics projects presentation topics

Download Electronics Projects – Anti Collision for Intelligent Trains using GSM and GPS With Centralized Monitoring


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