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Electronics Seminar Topics -ABSTRACT

 As we know, the field of cryptography has got more attention nowadays. More and more complex techniques for encrypting the information are proposed every now and then. But, as usual, when a small step is made to improve the security, more work is done in the opposite direction by the hackers to break it. Thus they are able to attack most of these algorithms and that too, successfully.

So, to deceive the hackers, people have started to follow a technique called ‘Steganography’. It is not an entirely new technique and has been in the practice from ancient times. In this method, the data is hidden behind unsuspecting objects like images, audio, video etc. so that people cannot even recognize that there is a second message behind the object. Images are commonly used in this technique.

In this electronics seminar topics paper presentation, we have proposed a technique for hiding data secretly behind images. The existing techniques for image Steganography have some serious drawbacks and we have tried to overcome those with ours. Here, the pixels in the images are replaced with the new ones, which are almost identical to the old ones, in a manner that can be used to retrieve back the hidden data.


  • Extremely liable to attacks like Image Manipulation techniques where the pixels will be scanned for a possible relation which will be used to trace out the actual characters.
  • Only 24 bit messages are suitable and 8 bit images are to be used at great risk.
  • Extreme Care needs to be taken in the selection of the cover image, so that changes to the data will not be visible in the stego-image.
  • Commonly known images, such as famous paintings must be avoided.
Electronics Seminar Topics
With Existing System


Because of the drawbacks in the currently followed techniques, In this electronics seminar topics paper presentation , we propose a new technique for hiding data in images. Here, we replace the existing pixels in the image with the new ones in such a way that no difference is visible between the steganographed and the original image.

Electronics Seminar Topics


  • Cost of cracking the hidden message is extremely high.
  • The data cannot be easily decoded without the key using Image Manipulation techniques.
  • Any type of image, 8 or 24 bits can be used.
  • There is no increase in the size of the image due to data in it.
  • There are no constraints on the choice of the image.

Future of Steganography

Steganography is still a fairly new idea. There are constant advancements in the computer field, suggesting advancements in the field of steganography as well. It is likely that there will soon be more efficient and more advanced techniques for steganalysis. A hopeful advancement is the improved sensitivity to small messages. Knowing how difficult it is to detect the presence of a fairly large text file within an image, imagine how difficult it is to detect even one or two sentences embedded in an image! It is like finding a microscopic needle in the ultimate haystack. What is scary is that such a small file of only one or two sentences may be all that is needed to commence a terrorist attack. In the future, it is hoped that the technique of steganalysis will advance such that it will become much easier to detect even small messages within an image.


To overcome the drawbacks in the existing cryptography and Steganography Techniques, through this electronics seminar topics paper presentation, we have proposed a new technique for hiding data in images. This technique is less prone to attacks and since the data is strongly encrypted and the cost of retrieving it by unauthorized persons is extremely high. Since the pixels are replaced with almost identical pixels, it is difficult even to identify that there is a second message hidden. So, we hope that this technique will be used widely in the future.

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