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Alternative fuels are non-conventional or advanced fuels. The term “alternative energy” (also: renewable energy) covers a types of power generation sources. In other words, Alternative energy refers to any form of energy which is an alternative to the traditional fossil fuels of oil, natural gas and coal Alternative energy methods are technological advances similar to the development of candles or kerosene for older civilizations. Generally, it refers to electrical power derived from “renewable” resources such as solar or wind energy, as opposed to “single-use” resources such as coal or uranium Alternative fuels leads our world to a new generation.


Alcohol fuels are made from renewable resources like locally grown crops and even waste products such as waste paper or grass and tree trimmings. Methanol and Ethanol are two types of alcohol fuels used in cars. Ethanol can be produced from a variety of renewable resources, most commonly corn and sugarcane. Methanol can be made from renewable resources also, but today, methanol is primarily made from natural gas.

Why Alcohol Fuels?

  •      Alcohol fuels burn cleaner than regular gasoline and produce less carbon monoxide.
  •      Alcohol fuels have high octane.
  •      Local production of fuel, from Hawaii-grown crops, supports agricultural jobs.
  •      Supporting local business keeps dollars in the state and contributes to a healthy state economy.
  •      Production of fuels in state provides energy self-sufficiency.


  • Methanol has been used as a racing fuel at the Indianapolis 500 Motor Speedway (for reasons of safety and performance) for the past 20 years!
  • Ethanol was the fuel preferred by Henry Ford back in the early days of the Model T.
  • “Flexible fuel” alcohol vehicles have an on-board fuel sensor that senses the percentage of alcohol present in the fuel mixture and automatically adjusts the engine.
  • There are flexibly fueled vehicles capable of operating on 85 % ethanol and 15% gasoline, 100% gasoline, or any combination in between. A special sensor on the fuel line senses the ethanol/gasoline mixture, sends the information to the engine’s computer, and the air fuel ratio and timing are instantaneously adjusted. There’s even a digital readout on the dashboard that shows the driver what the alcohol fuel percentage is at that moment

Geo Thermal energy

Geothermal energy draws heat from the planet’s core. Thermal power stations are set up which absorb energy from the planet. The heat from the planet boils a liquid which evaporates to turn turbines, producing the electricity. This technology is feasible because thermal heat is free and the only cost is the station. However, the locations where geothermal heat is easily available are limited and change based on tectonic movement and the arrangement of the surface of the Earth.

alternative fuels
geothermal power plant

 Geothermal is renewable and does not pollute, and there are places in many parts of the world that are seeking geothermal power. Geothermal is also very well suited for home heating and cooling, in which pipes are placed underground and a liquid is circulated through them, so that heat from the ground comes up during cold times, and cool from the ground comes up during hot times. Geothermal heating is becoming very popular, and is a cost-effective alternative to oil or gas home heating.

Hydro electric

A highly developed form of alternative energy is hydroelectric. Hydroelectric power comes from dams which harness the power of rivers. The river water passes through turbines at the base of the dam, turning turbines which produce electricity. There are many dams in existence, and hydroelectric is a highly developed technology. There are dams in America, China, and elsewhere in the world. Hydroelectric is a clean, green technology which produces no pollution. Unfortunately, most of the lakes and rivers that could easily be exploited with hydroelectric have been dammed already, so the future of hydroelectric power lies in the development of less appealing sites. There are a number of hydroelectric projects in existence, in Africa, Asia and elsewhere.


presentation topics on alternative fuels
Tidal energy

 Tidal power and wave power are two ocean-based technologies with high potential for providing clean, free energy in the future. Tidal power works when ocean water flows through tidal power stations as the water goes in and out with the tide, turning the turbines and producing electricity. Tidal power is not widely used, but as it develops it could become a very big thing. There are high potential tidal sites with very strong tides around the world, in Eastern Canada and Scotland among other places. Another renewable energy with high worldwide potential is wave power. Wave power seeks to convert waves into electricity by placing equipment on the oceans that captures wave movement and converts it into power. There are also efforts to harvest energy from the salt content and temperature of the ocean. The oceans of the world offers a huge possibility for electricity generation projects, and most of this potential is so far untapped and waiting to be explored.


There are many different alternative fuel options being developed right now. For those who would like to make a change right now, many of the options are already available and would be suitable for day to day life. But for those of you who would like to stay in the mainstream, the future is looking promising with many alternatives that are inexpensive, efficient, and are environment friendly. By making the right choices and further developing these technologies we have to power to save the planet.



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  1. Joe says:

    hi,i’m a 2nd year mechanical engineering student;was just wondering cant car accesories like the air conditioner be run on alternative energy source instead of utilizing the fuel used for running the engine,for eg:cant a solar panel be fitted on the roof of the vehicle so that the solar energy may be converted and made to run the ac? how feasible is this? please make suggestions …thank you

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