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Mechanical Projects ABSTRACT

In this study, a finite element routine was first used to calculate the static displacements and stresses under the maximum compression and tension loadings in the connecting rod which were then used for critical points evaluation. Fatigue analysis and longevity after a 1000000-cycle load, assessed through using of ANSYS software.

Recent years the need to predict how a product will perform over the life cycles has increased. Metal industry and other industries need to demonstrate the durability of designs and plan effective maintenance schedules. The growth of cracks due to fatigue loads plays an important role in limiting the life of products. In this paper, a new method is presented for the automatic growth of edge cracks in three- dimensional fracture analysis using BEM. The procedure described overcomes the current problems with Crack growth analysis that currently has to be performed manually. Applications are presented which demonstrate the effectiveness of the technique.

This Mechanical projects paper reports a study carried out using 3-D modeling and finite element analysis for bolster plate. Using unigraphics as a 3-D modeling software the 3-D model of the various tyes of bolster plate created. Using Neutral file format the model was imported into Ansys. Here the solid model was converted into Finite Element model. Boundary conditions such as maximum load of the plate, material properties, shear stress, bending moment can be find out from the crankshaft.

Mechanical Projects for Final years

Mechanical Mini Projects on Connecting rod using ANSYS


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