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Mechanical Projects Abstract

The present scenario in automotive industry is an sum in demand of trucks not only on the cost and heaviness aspects but too on improved total vehicle features and overall work performance. The chassis plays an important role in the design of any truck.

Truck chassis forms the structural backbone of a commercial vehicle. The main function of the truck chassis is to support the components and payload placed upon it. When the truck travels along the road, the chassis is subjected to vibration induced by road roughness and excitation by vibrating components mounted on it. The responses of the truck chassis which include the stress distribution and displacement under various loading condition are also observed. The mode shape results determine the suitable mounting locations of components like engine and suspension system. Some modifications are also suggested to reduce the vibration and to improve the strength of the truck chassis.

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Mechanical Engineering Projects -Chassis Design Analysis

The chassis design in general is a complex methodology and to reach at a solution which yields a good performance is a tedious task. Since the chassis has a complex geometry and loading patterns, there is no well defined analytical procedure to analyze the chassis. So the numerical route of analysis is adopted, in which Finite Element Technique is most widely used route.

Final year Projects
Vehicle Chassis

The main objective of this mechanical projects work is to assess static characteristics of a truck chassis under different load conditions. Geometric modeling of the various components of chassis has been carried out in part mode as 3-D models using UNI GRAPHICS-NX 4. The properties, viz. cross sectional area, beam height, area moments of inertia of these 3-D modeled parts are estimated in UNI GRAPHICS-NX 4. These properties have been used as input while performing the Finite Element Analysis using ANSYS work bench.

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Mechanical Projects / Mechanical Mini Projects on Design and analysis


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