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Mechanical Projects Abstract

In recent years the need to predict how a product will perform over the life cycles has increased. Aerospace and other industries need to demonstrate the durability of designs and plan effective maintenance schedules. In this study, a finite element routine was first used to calculate the static displacements and stresses under the maximum compression and tension loadings in the cam of locomotives, which were then used for critical points evaluation. Fatigue analysis and longevity after a 1000000-cycle load, assessed through using of ANSYS software. Calculations based on fatigue life and accurate loading histories permit rod to be optimized for durability without the need for expensive and time-consuming testing of series of prototypes. according to this study maximum loading is obtain over the circumferential area of cam by the follower pressure due to tension of spring in inlet and out let valves in engine head . The allowable number of cyclic loading on this part under fully reversed loading assumption is 108 cycles that will be increased by decreasing amount of the stress concentration coefficient. The results obtained from the present study can be used to bring about modifications in design and manufacturing process.

Mechanical Projects for Final years

Locomotive Engine model


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