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Mechanical Projects Abstract

The objective of this work is to analyze the structural integrity of a hook device used in 25 ton crane. Major accident can be caused by while lifting a heavy component   by rope as well hook due to bending or crack. This can be occur due various factor like improper geometry ,material selection, forging problem etc. but in this case main factor is geometry. So we took geometry problem as a main part any solve this problem by using ansys work bench. Based in these results the geometry of hook will be modified to avoid plasticity and to respect the safe factor requested by the technical codes and Classification Societies. The first operational test of this piece was verified by Classification Societies.

Mechanical Projects for Final years

Mechanical Projects Crane Hook Analysis

The solid model was elaborated in a CAD program as an assembly composed The finite element model is composed of high order solid elements. The mesh was elaborated using the hex dominant meshing technique. The contacts between parts are surface-to-surface with friction. A nonlinear static stress analysis, in ANSYS/Workbench, is executed using a nonlinear isotropic hardening material model. The load is multiplied by a dynamic factor according to the technical codes. Several analyses were executed to adjust mesh, parameters, algorithms, types of contacts elements and to choose the best solver for this analysis. Several analyses were executed with different distribution of loads.. Although the virtual prototype and the analysis executed in ANSYS are simple, the simulation analysis was very important in this project. It was required by the client due to the difficulties when trying to simulate the operational conditions of working in the ocean in laboratory tests.

Final year Projects

Mechanical Engineering Projects Crane Hook in ANSYS

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