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Mechanical Seminar Topics On Robotics


  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. What is nanotechnology?
  4. Nano robotics design
  5. Advantages of nano robotics
  6.  Disadvantages of nano robotics
  7. Application of nano robotics
  8. Ethical issues
  9. Conclusion
  10. Reference
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Mechanical seminar topics -Nano Robotics


A world where things can be assembled molecule-by-molecule and things can also disassembled and turned into a totally different thing. Where people can be operated on and healed by cell-sized robots. Imagine that, yes I know it might total sound like science fiction in a movie, well, guess what, it is not, science is going ahead of itself. Tremendous developments are being made now.With nano-robots having the ability of manipulating matter, we should go through the exercise of formulating solutions to potential ethical issues before the technology is irreversibly adopted by society. Through this paper presentation topics We are examining the ethics of developing nanotechnology and create policies that will aid in its development so as to eliminate or at least minimize its damaging effects on society.


Nanotechnology can best be defined as a description of activities at the level of atoms and molecules that have applications in the real world. A nanometer is a billionth of a meter, that is, about 1/80,000 of the diameter of a human hair, or 10 times the diameter of a hydrogen atom. The size-related challenge is the ability to measure, manipulate, and assemble matter with features on the scale of 1-100nm. In order to achieve cost-effectiveness in nanotechnology it will be necessary to automate molecular manufacturing. The engineering of molecular products needs to be carried out by robotic devices, which have been termed nano robots. A nano robot is essentially a controllable machine at the nano meter or molecular scale that is composed of nano-scale components. The field of nano robotics studies the design, manufacturing, programming and control of the nano-scale robots.

Mechanical Seminar Topics
Mechanical seminar topics -Nano Robotics


To imagine dis-assemblers dismantling garbage to be recycled at the molecular level, and then given to assemblers for them to build atomically perfect engines, don’t sound like a bad idea in this world of ours. Stretching this vision a bit, you can imagine a nano-robot which could reassemble matter in the form of a juicy steak, given the correct blueprints and organization of these nano-robots. With nano-robots, we could better design and synthesize pharmaceuticals; we could directly treat diseased cells like cancer; we could better monitor the life signs of a patient; or we could use nano-robots to make microscopic repairs in hard-to-operate-on areas of the body. With regard to the environment, we could use nano-robots to clean up toxins or oil spills, recycle all garbage, and eliminate landfills, thus reducing our natural resource consumption.


The flip side to these benefits is the possibility of assemblers and dis-assemblers being used to create weapons or being used as weapons themselves, or for them to run wild and wreak havoc. Weapons are an obvious negative use of nanotechnology. Simply extending today’s weapon capabilities by miniaturizing guns, explosives, and electronic components of missiles would be deadly enough. However, with nanotechnology, armies could also develop dis-assemblers to attack physical structures or even biological organisms at the molecular level. A similar hazard would be if general purpose dis-assemblers got loose in the environment and started disassembling every molecule they encountered. This is known as “The Gray Goo Scenario.” Furthermore, if nano robots were created to be self replicating and there was a problem with their limiting mechanism, they would multiply endlessly like viruses. Even without considering the extreme disaster scenarios of nanotechnology, we can find plenty of potentially harmful uses for it. It could be used to erode our freedom and privacy; people could use molecular sized microphones, cameras, and homing beacons to monitor and track others.

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