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After 135 years of refinement the old 4 cycle process used by today’s engines produce a lot more horsepower over a narrow high rpm range. However, they also produce poor low rpm torque, high fuel consumption and a lot more pollution. Therefore, to make the old 4 cycle process produce more torque and horsepower over a broader rpm range and reduce its high emissions and fuel consumption, today’s street engines have become a nightmare of mechanical complexity and emission controls.

The NPS (negative pressure super charging) 6 cycle process is a lot more efficient than the old 4 cycle process. It produces substantially more torque and horsepower and much lower fuel consumption up to 30% and emissions over a lower and wider rpm range. The NPS 6 cycle process achieves this using a unique combination of mechanically simple parts and NO emission controls. This eliminates the need to make engines mechanically complex in order to improve their efficiency. What’s even more remarkable is that this new 6 cycle process is in its infant stage of development and is currently a lot more efficient than the old 4 cycle process used by today’s engines. Therefore, given the same refinement as today’s engines the NPS 6 cycle process has the potential to improve its rpm range and the efficiency of street engines far beyond the capability of the old 4 cycle process and mechanical complexity.

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NEGATIVE PRESSURE SUPER CHARGING Looks awesome under the hood!

Super chargers in Conventional engines increases the pressure outside the engine to create a low pressure region in cylinder while in negative pressure super charging method reduces the pressure inside the cylinder i.e. creating vacuum by removing the exhaust at high velocity.

Tri-Y Headers with small short pipes and megaphone collector, Camshaft with Synchronized Valve Timing are some of the advanced technology used in this technology



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