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“Equal opportunity is good, but special privilege is better”, thus the visually challenged people are the most unfortunate people who bare darkness throughout their life time. Chess is a mind game that goes beyond sight. Perhaps the only universal game that the visually challenged can play against sighted persons on an equal footing. In the conventional boards present today the visually challenged need to ‘see’ through ‘touch’. ROBOTIC CHESS is an electronic, robotic hand based chessboard that makes the game played easier and quicker. The main feature of this project presentation topics includes Coin movement and cancellation using special keyboard input, coin identification using bar code technique and move identification using speech recognition. A simple programmable robotic arm is utilized in doing the necessary actions commanded by the user. The special 4*4 keyboard giving the inputs by the visually challenged for conveying the movement(as trained) , which is sensed by the microcontroller which in turn would process it and makes the robotic arm to do the corresponding action. In the coin identification process where the position of his own or opponent’s coin can also be identified by giving the  speech input as trained during the training sessions which is recognized by the microcontroller and fed to the voice enhancer, the output of which is fed to the headphone of each player. Thus the move is made audible to both the players. The moves are heard in the same order irrespective of the player, be it player one or two, i.e., from a1 to h8. In an International level no visually challenged has ever won a game against a normal person. Playing on ROBOTIC CHESS the history is expected to turn on.


The world today demands people to be independent, irrespective of their challenges, mentally or physically. Visually impaired people have to rely on someone for fulfilling even the minor needs. The source of entertainment for them is restricted, and chess is the only game that has entertained them more than any other. Robotic Chess, an original project work of ours, is a unique innovation making them visual across the globe and independent. Chess is a mind game, which goes beyond sight. It is the second sport, which was made world championship. The visually impaired already have a special wooden Chessboard made for them with aids that suit them. Let us know the conventional process before we move to our work.

The visually impaired players need to ‘see’ through ‘touch’ in the wooden Chessboard.

  •  Each of the squares on the wooden board has a hole in the center and the pieces have a downward projection (nail) at the base, which fits into the hole in the squares on the Board.
  • All the White pieces have a pin fixed on their heads helping the player distinguish between a white and a black piece.
  •  All the Black squares are raised about 3-4 mm above the white squares.
  •  The wooden Chessboard bears names for each of the squares (A1 to H8).
Engineering mini projects
Blind’s Chessboard

The game starts in a usual manner as the other Chess games. When a player makes his move, the other player recognizes the move by his sense of touch. Once he has recognized the move he stores it in his mind and so on. As the game proceeds this process of recognizing through touch and storing each and every move really becomes a tedious job for the visually impaired. If he misses even a single move he has to start his sense of touch all over again. Not only it drains the energy but also it is pretty time consuming. Robotic Chess takes care of all these time consuming process from coin movement to identification and storing of movements.


Engineering mini projects
Architecture of Robotic Chess

The above given diagram is the exact design of ROBOTIC CHESS. The specifications of the design are as follows.


  •  Robotic Arm motion using given inputs
  •  Special keypad for giving move inputs
  • Headphone with mike for speech recognition.
  •  Barcodes assigned for each coins (32) for coin identification.
  •  Move recognition and storage.
  •  Automatic Time manager.


  •  A Micro controller -89C52
  •  A Sensor in the Robotic Arm.
  • Speech recognition and voice processing for feeding output via headphone
  •  32 Barcode assigned with sensor in robotic hand.
  • Two Headphones with mike.
  •  Special Keypad (a-h, 1-8),[A,B modes].
Engineering mini projects
Programmable robotic arm


This Electronically designed Robotic Arm Based Chessboard is aimed towards the welfare of visually impaired people. The visually impaired have an exposure to all the latest equipments made especially for them, but none has attempted a better research over this issue. Hence, our project presentation topics ROBOTIC CHESS is sure to create a revolution in its own field and ensure complete support from people of different societies. This would definitely help the visually challenged to play the chess game against a normal person on an equal footage, with a minimal time taken and play with reduced pressure as this is one of the major sport for them. In an International level no visually Challenged has ever won a game against a normal person. Playing on Robotic Chess he is expected to rewrite the history.

“By the year 2020, India will be a developed nation” – says our Ex. President Dr.A.P.J.ABDUL KALAM. This project of ours will be dedicated to the VISION 2020,the vision of our ex. president, all that is required is few efforts and dedicated work amongst the engineers like us. The year 2020 is visualized as the year when a physically challenged wouldn’t be actually challenged physically. In fact one would be just as any other ordinary human being, relieved of all the challenges one would face.



This is Mr.Jose John, 21 yrs old guy, currently pursuing final year mechanical engineering, now become an enthusiastic blogger and a successful entrepreneur.
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