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Seminar Topics For Computer Science -ABSTRACT

The popularity and evolution of mobile devices like laptops, mobile phones and Personal Digital Assistants (PDA), and the evolution of fast mobile networks in the last decade, have made it possible to increase the complexity of mobile applications and services provided to end-users. It is also a spectacular growth in multimedia communication especially via  the World Wide Web. This paper explore some of the current  technology  of  mobile  devices,  mobile networks and multimedia systems, and is based on the exploration  outline  some  issues  for  design  and development of mobile multimedia systems in 4G Mobile Communication System. Fourth-generation mobile communication systems will combine standardized streaming with a range of unique services to provide high-quality content (Multimedia) that meets the specific needs of the rapidly growing mobile market. By offering higher data-transmission rates up to 20 Mbps more than 3G for wide-area coverage and local-area coverage. 4G systems will be able to provide high quality streamed content to the rapidly growing mobile market.


Many portal sites offer streaming audio and video services for accessing news and entertainment content on the Internet from a PC. The term multimedia streaming means that there are more than one media type involved in the communication, e.g. text and graphics, voice, animations, video and audio. We defines multimedia to denote the property of handling a variety of representation media in an integrated manner. This means that the various sources of media types are integrated into a single system framework. Currently, three incompatible proprietary solutions by Real Networks, Microsoft, and Apple dominate the Internet streaming software market. In the near future, third-generation mobile communication systems will extend the scope of today’s Internet streaming solutions by introducing standardized streaming services, targeting the mobile user_ specific needs.

Seminar Topics for computer Science

4G Technology

By offering higher data-transmission rates up to 20 Mbps more than 3G for wide-area coverage and local-area coverage, 4G systems will be able to provide high quality streamed content to the rapidly growing mobile market. In addition to higher data rates, these systems also will offer value-added applications supported by an underlying network that combines streaming services with a range of unique mobile specific services such as Multimedia  content,  geographical  positioning,  user  profiling, and mobile payment.  Mobile cinema ticketing is one example of such a service.  First,  the  mobile  network  or  a  terminal integrated  positioning  system  such  as  GPS  would determine the user’s geographical location. Then, the service would access a cinema database to generate a list of nearby movie theatres and a user profile database to determine what kind of movies the user likes best. Based on the geographical location information and user-defined preferences, the service would offer the user a selection of available movies and show times. The user would then have the option of using the mobile device to view corresponding movie trailers through a streaming service. Upon choosing a film, the user could purchase a ticket through payment software on the mobile device. This and other mobile application scenarios present numerous challenges, such as how to provide spectrum efficient streaming services over varied radio-access networks to different types of end-user terminals. Our standard-based Interactive Media platform addresses these challenges by using an architecture that fits seamlessly into 4G mobile communication systems. An integral part of this architecture is a streaming proxy, which acts on both the service and transport levels. It is flexible  enough  to  deal  with  different  operator requirements  and  that  it  can  provide  high-quality streaming services in a mobile application environment.


  • Virtual navigation and tele-geoprocessing: You will be able to see the internal layout of a building during an emergency rescue. This type of application is some time referred to as ‘tele-geoprocessing’. A remote database will contain the graphical representation of streets, buildings and physical characteristics of a large metropolis. Blocks of this database will be transmitted in rapid sequence to a vehicle, where a rendering program will permit the occupants to visualize the environment ahead. They may also ‘virtually’ see the internal layout of buildings to plan an emergency rescue or engage hostile elements hidden in the building.
  • Telemedicine: A paramedic assisting a victim of a traffic accident in a remote location could access medical records (X-rays) and establish a video conference so that a remotely based surgeon could provide ‘on-scene’ assistance.
  • Crisis management: In the event of natural disasters where the entire communications infrastructure is in disarray, restoring communications quickly is essential. With wideband wireless mobile communications, limited and even total communication capability (including Internet and video services) could be set up within hours instead of days or even weeks required at present for restoration of wire line communications.
  • Military application: Our system provides an enhanced power of vision, which provides Ground Guidance, Unit Detection, Soldier Status and Target Hand-Off and provides the Soldier Rescue during the battle.
Seminar Topics for Computer Science

Military Applications

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