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World is facing an acute shortage of healthy resources. males and females are looking way out to conserve the world from global warming. because of one’s global warming the temperatures while using environment may be significantly elevated therefore does our power energy consumption. just about every one need power energy to operate their devices smoothly and effectively but what will take on place when these resources receives depleted. cozy and humid environment will make the man or female much less effective and if we desire to sustain our power power every one of us need to adapt for the brand-new power power world to own alleviation for the scorching high temperature while using summer. right here arrives the notion to utilize eco-friendly way to obtain power power that is sun. you can anticipate to determine several options supplied in pv power power by way of which we could smoothen up our lives. between them could possibly be the utilization of pv air conditioner that can make in innovative look within scenario.

In spite of the fact that it absolutely wasn’t quite sensible within starting but innovations in this type of area has created it an apparent choice while using youth who desire to make an effort to do some point on their compound to conserve our world for the hazardous emission of carbon gases emitted by way of out traditional air conditioners. world power power utilization may be risen kind 45% because 1980 also it really is presumed that it’ll corner 70% raises in 2030. So the pv conditioners too as other pv products would be the need of the hour. employing healthy means raises efficiency and success nonetheless it really is each worthwhile and much better for the preservation while using environment. If we desire to conserve our world and preserve our healthy environment we ought to change our inclination to obtain pv products than traditional power energy products.

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Solar Air Conditioners

Solar air conditioners provide a specific solution for the scorching sunlight could possibly be the release of your novel notion of pv conditioner. It wills not simply power power effective as well as desires quite much less maintenance. it’ll move your costs into your savings. The preliminary expense of those conditioner experienced been increased but now a days, the breakthrough innovations in this type of untapped zone of plentiful energy, a great offer of business homes are getting curiosity in this type of quite increased achievable zone.

hybrid Solar air conditioners could possibly be the lowest priced priced and cleanest method to waive away summer time blues. It will not only soothe you, it pampers you. lengthy phrase utilization with this particular product will reduce you from serious power energy bills. you can anticipate to knowledge a sharp 30% drop within your power power payment employing these exceptional products. Our technicians are effectively versed while using products so they need just your approval for the installation. they are planning to do their occupation within supplied time frame. Our pv conditioners make an additional 10%saving with out any budget investment. we’re committed to offer you increased complete products to generate your life-style a good offer more at reduce .

Spite Wall Mounted Solar air conditioner is power power effective method supplied for you personally to fulfill the altering desires as well as to increase your sales. You increase an additional new dimension for the outlook. We existing our client a worth additional product by way of which he can conserve significant power power saving and enhances our people eco pleasant graphic being a societal ambassador. We existing immediate and measurable come back in your obtain and constantly provide the proper method for his / her budget. We also existing them evidence of those anticipated saving to earn their have self-confidence in for ever.

As the name itself suggests, solar air conditioners are powered by the sunlight and that is what makes them different from general air conditioners that run on a direct supply of electricity. Although there is more than just one form of solar cooling, photovoltaic technology is the most commonly used one, especially at places which require less than 5 MWh per year.

Such places that run on PV cell technology include most residential solar air conditioning systems and a few of the small scale commercial centers as well. These air conditioners chiefly use compressor-based electrical cooling systems mainly because they are easier to find and fit, but it is not the most efficient though. PV cells can also be used to power the adsorption-based or absorption-based systems.

Desiccants like silica gel and zeolite are used in combination with the thermal energy from the sunlight to achieve air conditioning as well. As the air passes over the desiccants, it turns absolutely dry because the moisture is absorbed by the desiccant which creates an ideal evaporative cooling system. After the desiccants have absorbed the water vapor, the solar thermal energy is now used to dry the silica gel or the zeolite back to its original condition.

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However a source of energy is required to rotate the desiccant disc and the air circulation fan, but that too can be achieved by simply adding a small PV cell system to the air conditioner to power the motor. This is known as a Solar Open Loop Air Conditioning System and there are different types of air cooling systems that are based on this technology. Examples include energy recovery ventilation systems and Calcium Chloride based indoor waterfall cooling systems.

The use of solar thermal collectors allows both the absorption or adsorption chillers to be used in solar thermal closed loop air conditioning systems. The thermal collector accumulates the heat from the sunlight and heats the particular heat transfer fluid in the system to power the chillers (absorption/adsorption based).

This is a cycle that repeats all the time while the system is running and that makes it a renewable source of energy which is capable of providing air conditioning for even large commercial plants. These cooling systems require the solar thermal collectors in them to be able to heat the water to 88° C or higher in order for the entire air conditioning system to work optimally.

Passive solar cooling is not exactly a direct form of air conditioning and it does not involve an apparatus that requires post construction installation. It has more to do with building architecture as the design of the building itself is prepared in such a way that it prevents the outside heat from getting inside the building through the walls and especially the roof. “Radiant barriers” and “green roof” are popular ways to achieve indirect solar air conditioning.


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  1. Joe Ninan Sunil says:

    cant solar panels be used on automobiles for converting solar energy into useful mechanical or electrical energy and make air conditioners and other accessories on the vehicle work?

    • JJ says:

      That what we says solar vehicles..So Even we can run the vehicle with solar energy..
      But the major disadvantage of using this is High cost for solar panels..

  2. nirav says:

    can u give me flow diagram of solar air conditioner… pls

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